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आवश्यक सूचना: प्रदेश जागरण के सभी निर्गत परिचय पत्र निरस्त किये जा चुके हैं | अगस्त 2022 के बाद के मिलने या दिखने वाले परिचय पत्र फर्जी माने जाएंगे |

Three brave soldiers of Deoria district got disability pension from Armed Forces Tribunal Lucknow

Army can not overcome the disease of neurosis and primary hypertension after long military service.

Mental illness cannot be detected in medical test, it is not enough to say, it is necessary to consider all points: Vijay Pandey


Lucknow, Deoria residents Awadhesh Kumar Dixit, Markande Prasad Verma and Mohan Lal Pal were granted disability pension by the Armed Forces Tribunal, Lucknow (Army Court) almost eighteen years later.

Let us tell that while the applicant Awadhesh Kumar Dixit was recruited in the Artillery Unit of the Army in 1983, Mohan Lal Pal in the Engineering Corps, which provides facilities according to the needs of the country’s army, in the year 1984. And Markande Prasad Verma in 1967 in the AMC that provided medical facilities to the army, who protected the country’s borders from twenty three years to thirty years. But, all three were discharged on Medical grounds saying that the disease of Primary Hyper Tension and Neurosis is not the result of Military activities, conditions, stress, strain and pressure, therefore, the army will not give disability pension but, above three brave soldiers of our country continued their fights. rights.

While the requests of Awadhesh Kumar Dixit were rejected by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India on January 18, 2010, October 16, 2005 and July 27, 2005, on the other hand, by Lal Vachan Pal on March 2, 2022, August 23, 2021, November 9, 2021, January 15, 2020, April 17, 2019, March 25, 2018, June 23, 2017, September 11, 2016, December 16, 2015 and January 20, 2015 were not considered at all.

After that, all three filed a case before the Armed Forces Tribunal ,Lucknow through Advocate Vijay Kumar Pandey, after hearing both the parties division bench of Justice Umesh Chandra Srivastava and Vice Admiral Abhay Raghunath Karve ruled that all the legal requirements for getting disability pension were fulfilled by the applicants in all respect. Hon’ble Division Bench observed that the disability is more than twenty per cent, indiduals have been Invalided out from Military Service, they rendered long span of service military service, there was no disease at the time of recruitment and, the opposite parties have failed to produce any concrete grounds to prove that the disease is not connected with Military service therefore, the Ministry of Defence, Government of India should give fifty percent disability pension to the petitioners within four months, further directed that in case of non-compliance of the order within the prescribed period, the petitioners shalll also be entitled to eight percent interest.