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This is not farmer reform but farmer destroyer bill: Shashwat Joshi

This is not farmer reform but farmer destroyer bill: Shashwat Joshi

National Vice President of Samajwadi Yuvajan Sabha Shashwat Joshi, while giving his response to the Agriculture Bill, said that the Central Government is calling the Agricultural Reforms Bill, while these three bills are not agricultural reforms but agricultural destruction bills and Samajwadi Party strongly opposes it. One of the three bills passed by Parliament is the Farmers Produce Trade and Trade (Promotion and Simplification) Bill, 2020, and the second Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Price Promotion and Trade Bill on Agriculture Service, 2020.

Farmers have demonstrated many times against these bills and farmers are being misled by the Central Government on this. This bill will gradually eliminate the APMC (Agriculture Produce Market Committee) ie mandis and then promote private companies so that farmers will not get the fair price for their crops. Farmers who are already very worried, they cannot get the right price for their crop, now they will buy all those crops of private companies from their own willingness, which will endanger the survival of the farmer.

Farmers are also living under the shadow of the minimum support price. The introduction of this bill will not only affect the farmers of Punjab and Haryana, but the picture is going to be more terrible than this. If the farmers are not paid on time, then the farmer will be forced to commit suicide.

The government should make its intention clear why they are engaged in privatizing the mandis, if the government's intentions are clear, then because of this bill, the NDA's oldest partner Akali Dal has resigned from his ministerial position in the government. It is clear from this bill that Prime Minister Modi is making farmers 'slaves' of capitalists.

Whatever the government has said in the law, it has been done before, things like contract farming and selling your crops have been done before, but this bill will fill someone's pocket only by merchants like 'Ambani-Adani' Will fill We feel that this bill has been brought only to benefit 'Ambani-Adani'.

This bill makes farmer contract farming, so if there is any dispute, then he can only go to SDM while earlier he could go to court, get justice, but why Modi government imposed such ban on farmers Yes, it seems that the government is tying farmers in the hands of corporate companies and leaving corporate companies open. They no longer need a license to purchase a crop. "The government has not told where the MSP system is in this? If a 'private player' is coming in this area, then the MSP should also be provided needed.

And at the same time farmers fear the end of mandi system. One year private companies will buy crops from you at good prices, after that when the mandis are closed then corporate companies will buy crops at arbitrary prices. After the end of the mandi system, the condition of the farmers is not good and they buy crops at arbitrary prices, if the government is friendly to the farmers, then they take the crop directly from the farmers and sell it to private companies. If the market conditions were correct for the farmers, then why has the situation in Bihar not improved yet, there was talk of private mandis, investments etc. But every year the farmers there bring their crops and sell them in Punjab-Haryana. Government should answer this.

The condition of farmers in India is not hidden from anyone. They do farming under very difficult conditions and then they are not even able to get the right price. According to the agricultural census conducted in 2015-16, 86% of the farmers in the country have small land holdings or they are farmers who have less than 2 hectares of land. When the plan to bring private players into agriculture is successful in the US and Europe, how will it succeed in India, farmers there are still in crisis even when the government gives them subsidy. Private companies are saying that they will pay more than MSP to the farmers. The government is saying the same, then why is it not legalized that no crop will be purchased at such a low price. "

If the MSP is legalized, the farmer will be happy. If the open market was so good for farmers in America, why would there be subsidy to farmers there. Samajwadi Party will fight with farmers against this black law, Samajwadi Party is with farmers at every step.

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