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Team Painful Pride launches the trailer featuring Pallavi Joshi, Rituraj K Singh at AICOG, 2020 in Lucknow

Producer Maansi of Yantra Pictures, who along with the team launched the official poster of Painful Pride sometime back unveiled the trailer amid the grand ceremony at AICOG, 2020 in Lucknow.

Directed by award winning film The Wallet fame Saumitra Singh, Painful Pride is based on the sensitive subject of Menopause. The films stars Pallavi Joshi and Rituraj K Singh in the lead roles.

Actress Pallavi Joshi says, “My latest short film Painful Pride narrates a beautiful and sensitive journey of a woman, in search of Empowerment. “She needs care than cure, because its not a disease its just a phase” is the message the young producer Maansi of Yantra Pictures has initiated. Being here at the launch has helped to strengthen my resolve to stand for women’s health and empowerment.”

Elated producer Maansi shares, “It is very encouraging that Nana Nani Foundation and Lupin Limited have come forward to support the cause. I would thank Lupin Limited for encouraging the awareness initiatives with focussed messaging about the importance of woman’s health and the need to take care of her.”

Maansi plans to send the film across the national and international festival circuit before releasing it on OTT platform next year.

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