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Lucknow Metro connecting the entire city to its network has also become a link which links every age, class and group of the city. Recently, 35 children from Samriddhi Learning Foundation, Lucknow travel from Munshipuliya to CCS Airport via Lucknow Metro.

During this visit, these children got to know many things about their city. Metro staff also took full care of the facilities of children, for which the children thanked them after the journey was completed.

The NGO, Samriddhi Learning Foundation, which is working for especially abled children, organized a summer camp named ‘Campability’ for these children. Under this camp, children are exposed to various options of public transport.

At the same time, this opportunity is also to spread awareness among people towards disease like autism. Children suffering from these type of diseases get to know the world better when they see the outside world along with other children and people.

Commuters need is the first priority of Lucknow Metro. Special arrangements have been made on the stations keeping the special needs of the passengers. Under this, arrangement for elevators, wheelchairs, etc. is available in the station premises for the Especially abled passengers. Audio messages broadcasting location and direction for visually impaired travelers are always broadcast on trains and stations. Tactile lines have been used on Braille scripts and platforms inside train and lift.

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