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Kutch Express: The most anticipated poster of Ratna Pathak Shah & Manasi Parekh is out

Ratna Pathak Shah & Manasi Parekh are all set to come as mother-in-law & daughter-in in law in the upcoming Gujarati film “Kutch Express” The story is absolutely original, unique and this is for the first time that Ratna Pathak Shah will be seen in a Gujarati Film.

Ratna Pathak Shah said “I am so glad Kutch Express is my first gujarati film. The team was excellent – skilled, hardworking & intelligent; I’d never worked with my co-stars before & was delighted by their enthusiasm & abilities. As a co-actor Manasi was sensitive & skilled & best of all non-sentimental. As a producer she was caring & efficient & saw to it we all had a good time while we worked hard. We need more women like her in d business!


Speaking about the same Actress Manasi Parekh added “To get to work with a veteran like Ratna Pathak Shah was an experience I will hold onto forever. It’s her first Gujarati film but she put in so much rehearsal that when she spoke the dialogue it flowed naturally. She is super passionate, a perfectionist and demands nothing but the best from herself and everybody around her”

Ratna Pathak Shah & Manasi Parekh both are extremely talented actresses of Bollywood and it’s amazing to see such talents together. The film is being produced by Parthiv Gohil and Manasi Parekh and directed by Viral Shah. Kutch Express is all set to hit the screens on 6th January 2023.