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How BABY grows in the womb, knowing the journey from Pregnancy to Birth

How BABY grows in the womb, knowing the journey from Pregnancy to Birth

Giving birth to new life with her womb is the most unique moment in any woman's life. She also embellishes many dreams during her pregnancy to realize this. There is a lot of excitement in a woman's mind to know how the womb is growing, how it is developing, what it is doing, Other people of the family also take great care of the woman during this time. Let's know how baby growth month by month in the womb.

Which time is better for conception

Time of ovulation (insertion of eggs into the fallopian tubes), ie, having sex a couple of days before it is beneficial. At this time, the chances of sperm and egg ie fertilization are highest. In the tube 5-6 days after fertilization, the fetus comes to the uterus and sticks to the surface, Called implants. During this time, the woman may have mild bleeding or sputtering which is normal. The womb takes birth in the uterus itself by traveling all the way to its development.

How to know Conceived

Normally, a woman does not know at the beginning that she has conceived, If the menstrual period does not come even after the fourth week of the period twenty eight days, then pregnancy test should be done.If the test is positive, there may be some weakness due to pregnancy, fatigue, sudden mood changes and vomiting. As the fetus develops, a water bag (amniotic sac) is formed around it, which acts as a pillow for it. At the same time, a Pleasanta (organ like a round disk) is also formed, It connects the mother and the baby (fetus) with which the mother's nutrients get to the baby. )(

(First month)

In the first month, the baby face begins to form, during this time the mouth, eyes, lower jaw and throat also begin to form. Simultaneously, blood cells start forming and blood flow starts. By the end of the first month the size of the fetus is smaller than the grain of rice.

(Second month)

In the second month, the face starts developing more, Gradually, both ears of the fetus begin to form, Both hands and legs begin to form, the alimentary canal and bones. In the sixth week, the baby's heartbeat can be seen through sonography. A neural tube forming the brain and spinal cord is formed, The baby starts to feel slight. By the end of this month, the baby develops to 1.5 centimeters and weighs one gram.

The period from 9th to 13th week is an important stage in the development of the baby, hence it is also called the period of organogenesis. By this time, the baby's face, ears, hands and feet are fully formed. Nails begin to form and genitalia begin to form. By the end of this month, the heart, arteries, liver and urinary system start functioning.This is the critical time of the development of the baby, so the womb woman has to take special care. In case of minor problems, a woman should not take medicines without consulting a doctor. The first phase of the baby's development is completed in Third month, so there is little chance of miscarriage after that. By the end of the third month, the baby is 5.4 cm in length and weighs 4 grams. The woman begins to become emotionally attached to the baby.

(Fourth month)

In the fourth month, the eyes, eyebrows, nails and tribes are formed. Teeth and bones begin to strengthen. Now the baby starts moving the head, thumbs, etc. This month the mother can hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time with the Fetal Doppner machine. Generally, at this time, the doctor gives you the delivery date, the weight of the baby is 100 grams and the length is 11.5 centimeters.

(Fifth month)

Head, hair starts to form in the fifth month. Shoulder, waist and ears are covered with hair.These hair is very soft and brown. These hairs fall from the first week after birth, in addition to that there is a wax-like coating on the baby which comes out at birth. By this time, the baby's muscles have developed, so he starts stirring which the mother can feel. By the end of the month, the weight becomes 300 grams and the length is 16.5 centimeters.

(Sixth month)

In the sixth month, the baby color is red, from which the arteries can be seen. During this time, the baby's ability to feel increases and he feels the sound or music and starts to react to it. By the end of this month, its weight becomes 600 grams and length is 30 centimeters.

(Seventh month)

In the seventh month, the baby ability to hear his voice increases further, gives his reaction to the light and changes his place frequently. By this time, the baby has become so developed that if it is pre-mature delivery due to some reason, it can survive.

(Eighth month)

In the eighth month, the baby movements increase further, which the mother can feel very well. During this time the brain develops rapidly and can be seen with hearing. Apart from lungs, development of all other body parts has been completed. The weight of the baby in this month is 1700 grams and the length is 42 centimeters. Now, the woman's enthusiasm for bringing new life into the world is at its peak and she starts waiting for birth.

(Ninth month)

In the ninth month, the lungs of the child are also completely formed. The movement in the body increases with the ability to blink the eyes, close the eyes, turn the head and hold. By the end of this month, the baby's movement starts decreasing due to less space in the uterus. At this time the weight of the child is 2600 grams and length is 47.6 centimeters. Now the infant is ready to enter the world and slowly starts coming down. At birth, the baby's head usually comes out first.

Woman's conception to her baby world is unique

The journey from a woman's conception to her baby world is unique and many experiences. When the date given by the doctor comes closer, women start stressing the body for normal delivery, it should not be done. If the woman is healthy then the chances of normal delivery are more.

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