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Aksha Pardasany, Rohit Vikram & Arsha Sandhu, Pankaj Berry along with Director Arshad Siddiqui reaches Lucknow to promote their upcoming film Shubh Nikah

Lucknow: Team Shubh Nikah is in full swing to promote their upcoming film. Now the team has reached Lucknow, The City of Nawabs for the press conference of Shubh Nikah.

Shubh Nikah is a very unique story of cross-cultural marriage. Zoya is a beautiful girl who is educated and sees a bright future ahead belonging to a conservative Muslim family. Munna Lal Aspiring good-looking boy who is full of life and also belongs to a conservative Hindu family. Sabir is a desi Muslim boy who is in love with Zoya and is also a family favourite. It’s exciting to see where this love triangle heads to.

According to Aksha Pardasany, she will be seen as the character Zoya, who is a perfect representation of today’s women. She is a strong woman who is adored by her family. She is spoiled and comes from a traditional Muslim family. She is a bubbly, positive person who will stand up for what she believes is right.

Rohit Vikkram also spoke to the media and said “Shubh Nikah is my feature film debut as a male lead actor. Every aspiring actor dreams of having this experience. So I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this project. This project served as an introduction to the world of script readings and workshops, as well as the world of sets and cameras. I was a director’s actor from the beginning, and I had the privilege of being mentored by the tenacious and talented Arshad Sir.

Arsh Sandhu, second lead said “In the film, I am in love with Zoya, so it will be interesting to see who Zoya chooses Sarib Or Munna for Shubh Nikah,” Arsh Sandhu laughs.

The captain of the ship Arshad Siddiqui stated “The entire team of Shubh Nikah has done a great job the film looks even better than I thought,” said director Arshad Siddiqui. I’d also like to commend the actors, Aksha, who did an excellent job of asking me pertinent questions to me, which benefited the film. Rohit and Arsh are making their film debut with Shubh Nikah, and they have given their best performance yet. I request you all to watch the trailer, and songs and show some love.”

After the press conference, team Shubh Nikah went to Radio City and Radio Mirchi, where they had a great time. Later, the cast went to a well-known ‘Famous Basket,’ where they had fun together.

The film is produced by Bhupender Singh Sandhu and Arpit Garg. Written & Directed By Arshad Siddiqui. Co-Producers are Satpal Singh Sandhu, and Mrs Gurmeet Kaur Sandhu and Associate Producers are Laxmi Narain Pandey, Anubhay Dhir, and Ritesh Srivastava.The release of the film in theatres across the is bound to entertain and bring laughter to cinema goers.The film will be released by Brandex Media Network Private limited in all over the country.’Shubh Nikah’ is scheduled to release on 17th March 2023