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Actor & Philanthropist Sonu Sood Saved 10,117 People In A Year; Know The Details

Actor & Philanthropist Sonu Sood wishes Happy New Year. Sonu is a very prominent personality in society and is known for his generosity towards people. The way Sonu has helped people during the Covid pandemic, and his way of working have made him a hero to the people. At the same time, he continues to help people which differentiates him from others.

Sonu Sood is quite active on social media and connected with his loved ones and helps people only through social media. Sonu Sood has now apologized to people in a tweet. Know the reason why.

Sonu Sood wished everyone a Happy New Year. Also, he apologizes to those he couldn’t help. In this tweet, Sonu Sood wrote, “Able to save and heal 10117 people in last year. Apologies to those I could not reach. May God give us the strength to do better in 2023. Best wishes for the new year.

It is very rare to see such a personality like Sonu Sood who actually cares for people and feels guilty for not being able to reach out to them for help. Sonu Sood is truly a man with a heart of gold.